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Sydney – the heart of Australia!

Sydney – the heart of Australia!


Smart Cocoon recommends Sydney as the most popular destination in Australia. Being the most populous city in Australia and the state capital of New South Wales, Sydney is located in the Australia’s east coast and is the gateway to Australia for many international visitors. It has hosted over 2.8 million international visitors in a year, which roughly equates to half of all international tourists to Australia.

If you are travelling to Australia, you simply cannot give Sydney the miss. Whether you are on a short trip or a long one, adding some of these Sydney activities to your list will certainly make your Australian trip a memorable one.

  1. Bondi beach

Bondi beach is best known for its gnarly waves, making this one of the top surfing destinations in the world. Situated just 8 kms from the city centre, Bondi is perfect if you are in the mood to surf. But if you don’t feel like surfing, Bondi is perfect for a nice stroll along the coast and swimming.

  1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Once you visit this place, you simply can’t stop raving about it. Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous bridges located over one of the world’s most stunning harbours, its scenic ferry rides and abundance of shops and restaurants provides the perfect setting to explore. And if you are feeling adventurous, climbing the harbour bridge can certainly raise your adrenaline levels. Take a day, dawn, twilight or night climb to witness the serene breathtaking views from the top of the bridge. It will definitely be one of your greatest experiences in your life.

  1. Sydney Opera House

One of the world’s iconic structures, Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the star attraction on the glitzy harbour. Shaped like shells or billowing sails, it rests on a small piece of land that is surrounded by water. Book the guided walking tour to know more about the colourful history of this famous building which also contains theatres, studios, exhibition rooms, a concert hall and cinema.

  1. The Rocks

On the piece of land protruding the Sydney Harbour, the Rocks historic area was once the home of Aboriginal people, which later became the country’s first European settlement. More than a 100 heritage sites are strewn across the place, including Sydney’s oldest surviving building, Cadman’s Cottage. Visit the Rocks Discovery Museum to trace the area’s fascinating transformation from being a traditional Aboriginal settlement to a tourist hot spot. Walk around the narrow cobbled streets and shop at the famous souvenir shops to carry a piece of history back with you.

  1. Darling Harbour

A waterfront pedestrian precinct packed with shops, restaurants, museums and entertainment venues, Darling Harbour is one of the prime spots for tourists and locals alike. The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is also located nearby, which houses the world’s largest collection of Australian marine creatures. Younger children will love the carousel and the water park situated nearby. You can also enjoy a bit of serene calmness amidst all this excitement by slipping into the Chinese Garden of Friendship and sip tea surrounded by the willows and koi ponds.

  1. Queen Victoria Building

Made in the Romanesque style, Queen Victoria Building is a premium locality for shopping in Sydney. More than 200 high end shops lining up in its light filled galleries is the perfect setting for shopaholics to go crazy. For those who aren’t a fan of shopping can also admire the beautiful architecture of the building which contains beautiful stained glass windows and mosaic floors.

  1. Barangaroo Reserve

What used to be a hideous container terminal, this 22 hectare waterfront has been transformed into a lovely spot for a walk along the harbour. A nice stroll along the harbour can give you plenty of opportunities to admire the scenic waterfront and also an evocative series of public art installations. You can also learn about the rich indigenous heritage of on the Aboriginal Cultural Tour.

  1. Chinatown

Inhale the fragrance of Chinese spices while shopping for specialty items or feast on the authentic Asian cuisine at Sydney’s Chinatown. Framed by lion gates at each end, Chinatown is a feast for your senses with a variety of dishes from dim sum to Vietnamese pho.

From visiting The Rocks, the city’s historic district to its spectacular harbour views and heritage sites, the accessibility to all these prime locations is a top priority for tourists visiting Sydney. Packed with a nice cosy ambience to relax those heavy legs from sightseeing all day and value-for-money rooms, Smart Cocoon is the ideal option to spend the night cocooned in its fully furnished rooms. Spending your time with Smart Cocoon is the smartest choice if you want to experience Sydney’s grandeur at its best. So get ready for another action packed exciting day of sightseeing ahead by refreshing yourself at Smart Cocoon.


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