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Why Choose Us

Best offers for the House Hunters

Luxurious houses at Lower Budgets

Live + Invest + Spend locally. Our Income and Lifestyles are the results of the communities we live and work in; wherever it is possible to do so we prefer to support local businesses.

  • Giving back. We believe that it is important to give back to the communities that support us.
  • Integrity, Inspire, Prosperity and Sustainability. These are the key fundamentals we follow while choosing any property.
  • Mr. Ravi Nekkalapudi, CEO of SPO

    Mr. Ravi Nekkalapudi, CEO of SPO

    Smart Cocoon Giver

    Ravi is a successful entrepreneur with a diverse background in Business. His purpose is to positively impact people's lives in Australia by performing innovative property investment options focusing affordability and flexible financial portions. Also being a graduate of the Landmark forum, Ravi is passionate about helping and guiding people, showing them a better way of life in every possible way. Being a Wealth Creation Specialist, Ravi provides his fellow Australians with coaching, mentoring and guidance to secure financial futures through investment in property, the right way and the most educated way.

    Mr. Ravi Nekkalapudi, CEO of SPO